Technology Support Offerings for Districts Share resources to maximize investment benefit and save schools money
1) Shared firewall located at Keystone AEA. Currently each school has their own firewall. Many of these firewalls were purchased 5+ years ago as part of a group purchase with Keystone AEA. Now that it is time to refresh these devices, we are offering space on a firewall located at Keystone AEA for the schools to share. The cost to participate in this project is $750/year for 3 years. After 3 years, support costs will be reevaluated. If a district chooses to participate and move their firewall to Keystone AEA, the following benefits will be realized:
a) Enhanced Internet Content filtering. Capability to give different users on your network different filtering policies instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.
b) Scanning of Internet traffic for viruses and spyware to prevent performance affecting infections.
c) Scanning of email traffic for leakage of personal information, social security numbers and credit cards numbers for example.
d) Application control to restrict use of offending applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing applications or proxies.
e) Provide VPN access for users to access school resources from home or on the road.
f) Implement traffic shaping to limit any one service from using all of your bandwidth, giving highest priority to those services which are most critical
g) Provide shared tools that enhanced visibility of network traffic. Keystone is investigating tools that would help technology coordinators track down infected computers and proactively monitor network traffic.
h) Intrusion Prevention to monitors network activity for malicious or unwanted behavior and block or prevent those activities.
i) Logging/tracking of Internet activity

2) Sharing of server resources.
a) Server located at Keystone AEA to house archived documents, student records, business office documents, any documents - scanned in at the school site and stored on Keystone AEA's server with full search and retrieval from any location.
b) Server available at Keystone AEA for use by districts for off-site backup of school servers.
c) Another possible option, server at Keystone AEA to house on-line electronic forms for school districts - leave forms, various claim forms, time sheets, etc. In addition, acquiring programmer time to customize these forms to the individual school district to integrate with various accounting systems, student management systems, etc. Allowing a school district to reduce or eliminate the use of paper forms and have access to forms from anywhere via a web browser.

3) Internet Content Filtering loaded on school laptops for filtering Internet content while at home or off the school network.

4) Assist schools with implementation of VoIP telephone systems.

Leverage the buying power of all AEA1 schools Negotiate discounts on HP network and wireless gear, partnering with 5 Star Telecom to deliver these discounts to districts

1) As wireless becomes more of a necessity in schools, an enterprise class wireless system that can support multiple users simultaneously across a district is essential to successful integration of wireless devices in classrooms for both teachers and students. Keystone has investigated various manufacturers to find the best balance of cost and functionality. We have settled on HP and have negotiated discounted pricing for our schools. We would like to assist the schools in laying a wireless foundation that schools could build on as wireless use ramps up.
a) Moving to an enterprise wireless solution will allow segmentation of school networks to create a wireless guest network, allowing guests access to a subset of resources such as the Internet and controlling the amount of bandwidth they can fill limiting the possibility of "dirty" machines seriously impacting overall network performance. This would be an option for users bringing in home laptops to use on the school network.
An enterprise wireless solution offers better performance in high concentration areas. A central controller makes it easy to manage multiple access points, and offers a wide range of configuration options.
c) As our partner, 5 Star Telecom is offering AEA1 schools the following services:
i) Free site visits in our districts to determine network infrastructure equipment needs, make recommendations, and provide pricing using our preferred rate with HP.
ii)Free wireless site survey using district provided maps to determine the number and location of access points needed in the district.
iii)Preferred labor rates for equipment install and cabling services provided by Five Star Telecom.

If you are interested in these services or HP network gear please contact our Five Star Telecom representative below and mention that you are a Keystone AEA1 School.

Dan Miller
Five Star Telecom
5136 Mormon Coulee Rd
La Crosse, WI 54601<>
608-791-9312/ Desk and Cell
608-787-8282/ Fax

d) Keystone AEA1's computer center staff are also available to answer technical questions, make recommendations and work with your district to prepare for one-to-one computing. Please contact:

Karen Randall
Computer Networking Specialist
Keystone AEA